Management Consulting

Creating a successful future for any organization is a blend of great vision, shared values and superb execution. True long-term value to those you serve can only be attained in this manner. Developing a clear and actionable strategic plan is essential to this endeavor. We believe utilizing a concise planning model supported by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable facilitator is the best formula for creating a strategic plan that employees can execute and clients can embrace.

Developing a competent and cohesive management team is critical to the success of any organization. Great leaders and successful management teams share a common set of skills and qualities. Identifying, cultivating and reinforcing those skills and qualities is essential to long-term performance and achievement.

We are prepared to guide you through the planning process, enhance staff developement create real value through the following activities:

  • Strategic planning
  • Customer satisfaction research and priority indexing
  • Executive coaching
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Conduct leadership learning workshops in the following areas:
  • Values Analysis programming
  • Interpersonal Skills and Impact Styles
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Principled Negotiations
  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Empathic Listening
  • Neuro-Linguistics Programming
  • Building Trust and Collaboration

Case Study: Simon School of Business


The internationally recognized Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester’s Executive MBA program requires that students work in teams for the entire two-year program. Historically, teams that effectively integrate quickly are the most successful.  Teams that have difficulty integrating are at risk.  Student attrition was a concern for the university. 


Ignition Consulting was hired to design and to conduct an intensive 2-day workshop to provide guidance and support in the areas of leadership style, interpersonal skills, conflict management, creative problem solving, principled negotiations, decision making, team building and empathic listening. The classroom learning experiences were reinforced with physical outdoor problem-solving exercises and survival simulations.


The learning experience helped each team maximize its collective talent and reduce the level of conflict thus assuring their successful completion of the challenging two-year MBA program. Student attrition was dramatically reduced.