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How do you stay number 1 with your customers

Today’s evolving economic climate provides unprecedented opportunities for growth and unlimited risk. Competitors can appear without warning. Even experienced leaders find themselves distracted and hesitant to act. Creating a sustainable competitive advantage can challenge even the most resourceful leaders.

At Ignition Consulting, we help leaders achieve their most critical goals. We use a fact-based collaborative process to help clients build value while enhancing their reputation.

We understand traversing uncharted territory can appear difficult and risky. So together, we test everyday notions of what can be achieved. Our experience across a broad spectrum of consulting disciplines serves as a catalyst to help clients:

Our process often leads to new levels of discovery and accomplishment. Achieving goals is a continuously evolving process, not a single event. Successful leaders know the longest journey begins with the first step.

Crisis & Reputation Management

Natural disasters, accidents, high profile harassment cases and major safety issues all constitute real threats to your professional career and the reputation of your organization. Whatever the cause, it’s highly likely that some type of crisis is going to impact your organization sometime in the near future.

In today’s information intensive environment, where a cell phone can record an event and social marketing venues can transport it to millions, the requirement to develop and maintain an effective crisis management plan and a crisis communications plan is essential.


Management Consulting

Creating a successful future for any organization is a blend of great vision, shared values and superb execution. Developing a clear and actionable strategic plan is essential to this endeavor.

Developing a competent and cohesive management team is critical to the success of any organization. Great leaders and successful management teams must share a common set of values, goals and vocabulary to create long-term profitablity, professional achievement and true customer value.


Marketing Communications

Branding and positioning your organization in its respective marketplace is both art and science. Creating engaging messages and portraying them through dynamic graphic design, sound and animation demands sensitivity and artistic licence. The goal is to speak to the right audience with the right message at the right time.